Mission Viejo Recovery / IOP Intensive Outpatient offers alcohol and drug intervention services for families who need help in approaching their loved one about their alcohol and/or drug addiction and the effects it has had on both their individual and community life. We have trained and experienced interventionists who are able to travel anywhere in the United States and Canada to offer their professional and empathetic assistance in this critical area.

It is extremely difficult for a family to watch a loved one destroy their life with drugs or alcohol. Family members often feel as powerless with their addict as the addict does with their addiction. A drug intervention is a process that helps an addict recognizes the extent of their problem. A well-planned-strategic intervention can stop the denial associated with addiction and persuade the individual to seek professional help. An intervention should be a positive confrontation and our main goal should be to convince your loved one to get help. An intervention SHOULD NOT be aggressive or angry and everyone is to remain positive and supportive.

When you are speaking with your loved one, it is important to remember your tone is as important as what you say. Even when your words express concern and love, if your tone betrays feelings of judgment or disgust, the intervention will not be successful. Please remember at all times that the intervention is for the good of the addict and whatever personal feelings you have about their problem should be set aside. The goal of this intervention is for your loved one to accept the reality of their addiction and to seek help!

How An Alcohol and Drug Intervention Works?

1. The interventionist helps family and friend prepare a script based on observances.
2. At a pre-arranged place and time, the loved ones, under the direction of the interventionist, present this pre-planned information in a loving way to the person they are trying to help. This is done in an effort to break down denial systems and illuminate the problem as seen through the eyes of those who care most.
3. This presentation is done with treatment plans prearranged and ready to be put into action once the loved one agrees to move in this positive direction. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We’d be happy to directly supervise you if you or a loved one has any questions about rehabilitation. We want to get you to treatment as soon as we can.

Contact us anytime for help. 949-891-0693. A live interventionist is available 24/7.